Barbers and IBM 1927

Today’s post is a leap in time, up to 1927 because I found the Endicott, New York Directory in my files and noticed something new. My grandparent’s names are highlighted below. Just after the names is “emp ITR”. I knew my grandfather worked for IBM and was an early employee. IBM has its roots in Binghamton, NY, just like our family. My grandfather worked at The International Time Recording Company in 1927 which later became known as International Business Machines.

The Leoria C. is my grandmother, not my great-grandmother. She was given the same name as her mother. I always thought my grandfather’s name was Chauncey Claude Barber. He went by Claude. edicott directory 1927

IBM History – 1927 click through the title for more info

  • The Endicott Engineering Laboratory develops major, intermediate and minor control.
  • March 16 — The International Time Recording Company purchases additional property.
  • Customer engineering students

    A formal program of sales and service instruction is inaugurated in a room of the manufacturing headquarters. There are 140 students in that class.

  • Endicott employs 1,100 people.

Claude and Leoria Barber were living at 106 Loder Ave in Endicott, NY in 1927 while he worked at ITR (IBM). That address does not show up on Zillow, but 108 Loder is still there and was built in 1900.

My father was born three years later in Bridgeport, CT. As far as I know, my grandfather worked for IBM until his death.