1902hb_jun_sSo many years ago, I don’t remember when, I found this little bit of information on my great grandmother during an internet search. Of course, I wanted to know more. There is a date I found somewhere in my notes. I believe it was 1900.

The newspaper clipping below is about my grandmother’s mother, Leoria Carolyn Wilbur Meeker. Grandma was born about three years later in 1903. Background information I have gathered is in footnotes at the bottom of the page.


The wedding of Miss Leoria C. Wilbur and Albert Meeker took place last evening at 8 o’clock at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Wilbur, No 67 Park street. About sixty friends attended the wedding. The residence and lawn were handsomely decorated. In the house were palms, potted plants and evergreens, while large flags were a conspicuous feature of the decorations.[1] The porch was enclosed with American flags, while the yard was brilliantly lighted and decorated and utilized by the guests. The marriage ceremony was performed under a canopy made of a large flag, by the Rev. Dr. H. M. Crydenwise of Lestershire, assisted by the Rev. D. L. Meeker of Lanesboro.[2] Mrs. Laura White of the state hospital played Lohengrin’s wedding march.[3] The bride was attired in a gown of white mousseline de soie, over white silk, and she carried a bouquet of white carnations. She was attended by Miss Esther Skoglund of Oakland, Pa., who was dressed in pink organdie, over pink silk. Haliam Pierson was best man and little Emily Leona Barber, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Barber, was flower girl.[4] After the ceremony a wedding supper was served and Mr. and Mrs. Meeker left for a wedding tour. They will be at home after November 1, at No. 47 Park street. Mr. and Mrs. Meeker are popular young people. Both are members of the Lestershire M. E. Church, Mr. Meeker being identified with the Brotherhood of St. Paul, and Mrs. Meeker with the Queen Esther circle, as well as with the Bartlett relief corps and the Good Templars.[5] Among those present were Mrs. Frank Tripp and daughter, Mildred; Misses Esther and Frances Skoglund of Oakland, Mrs. Julia Tripp and son of Owego and Rev. And Mrs. D. L. Meeker of Lanesboro.[6]

[1] The Spanish-American War and the Boer War were both prominently in the news.

[2] Somewhere I found a complete book on the ME church in Lestershire, NY as that area was called then. I will share when I find it.

[3] Lavina Wilbur (Mrs. S.D. Wilbur) was an accomplished organist, and music teacher, as was my grandmother. They would have had an organ in their home.

[4] Lavina Tripp Wilbur is Mrs. Stephen Wilbur, Leoria Carolyn Wilbur Meeker’s mother. Lavina and Mrs. J. C. Barber are sisters, the latter being much younger than Lavina. Emily Leona Barber is therefore Leoria’s cousin. She is the future aunt of our grandmother, also Leoria, but most likely a playmate and peer socially of Leoria to be born in 1903.

[5] Lestershire was incorporated into Binghamton.

[6] Mrs. Julia Trip may be the mother of Mrs. S.D. Wilbur and Mrs. J.C. Barber.