Stephen cited

Riding on wrong side of the street

"The Owego NY Tioga County Record, Thursday, June, 7, 1900"

My grandmother often told stories of her school days when her father was the truant officer. She said she could never be late for class or ever skip school. I could feel the fear of that little girl in her voice as she talked about it 60 years later.  

Leoria Meeker Wilbur was not yet born in 1900 . I wonder if she ever knew about this transgression by her father?


New York Bicycle Clubb 1900s

The picture shows a typical bicycle at the beginning of the 20th century. Forty-nine year old Stephen rode from Owego, where his in-laws lived, to Lestershire, Binghamton, New York which is  at least 20 miles. Remember, he had lost his right arm in the war.

Also, this is the first time I have seen any reference to him living in Owego. It does make sense because Lovina, his wife, was a seamstress there. I always wondered how they met.

That $1 fine is approximately equivalent to $30 today. 

What fun it would have been for grandma to know about the time her father rode on the wrong side of the street.