Stephen D. Wilbur Remembered in 1932

The Binghamton Press runs a feature column in 1932, "25 Years Ago Today".

On January 28, 1907 the headlines include a senator, ladies styles, a popular song, the movies, the passing of a statesman, a devastating fire and locally our humble, or not so, relative.

Senator Thomas H. Carter of Montana, is considered "picturesque" possibly because he became in 1891 the first Catholic to serve as chairman of the Republican National Committee and rose to prominence in spite of his Irish Catholic background and religion.

  Honey Boy“Honey Boy” by Albert Von Tilzer tops the Ragtime list. Click here for a listen sung by The Columbia Quartet in 1907. The sheet music page shown is a bit foreboding compared to the brightly colored and cheerful covers in more recent years.  

Little Leoria is only three. Does the religious Wilbur household have a Victrola? Possibly not, since Lavina, Stephen’s wife, is also an accomplished pianist and organist.

Dorothy A. Donnelly plays the role of Marian Manners in the “The Movers” on Broadway. She would go on to star in “Madame X” in a couple of years and then in the silent film of the same name.

Silent movies are popular where the prevalent hat style for ladies consists of an enormous array of feathers, fabric, both diaphanous and substantial, often with an animal amongst the finery! The cartoon pokes fun of the view in the theater which is not the screen.

In Binghamton, winter delivers its third cold spell with below zero temperatures. In spite of the frigid weather, a committee gather’s at Stephen’s home to establish the Boulevard Methodist Episcopal church.  

At 66, Stephen D. Wilbur starts a church. 

25 years ago today 1932