1911 Dedication of the Boulevard Methodist Episcopal Church

1911 Boulevard ME Church

The Binghamton Press, Saturday, February 4, 1911

The church that began on a frigid 1907 night in the home of Stephen D. Wilbur, now has a completed sanctuary. There are modifications today, but much of the original edifice can be seen even now. Imagine what an incredible day that must have been for their family. A dream fulfilled.

The Binghamton Press publishes a quarter page article complete with a picture describing the February 5, 1911 dedication ceremony:

The new house of worship of the Boulevard Methodist sanctuary located at the corner of Floral Avenue and Grand Boulevard will be formally dedicated tomorrow with appropriate services morning, afternoon and evening.

The dedication of the handsome edifice marks an important milestone in the life of Binghamton’s youngest Methodist society.

Rev. William Davis, pastor of the Boulevard congregation, has been busy for some time in making the arrangements for the event.

Stephen is living at 47 Park Street according to the 1910 census with his wife, Lavina (Levina in census) and adopted daughter, Leoria. Their home is a five-minute walk from the church. I believe I once read he donated the land for the church, however, I do need to find the source for that fact.

Stephen is 69 years old.

Leoria is 7 years old.

1911 Dedication of new church