1869 Solders’ Society in Brockport

On Saturday, May 8th, 1869, soldiers living in the Brockport area gather at the Village Hall and Stephen is elected 1st Lieutenant under Commander S.P.Frost.   

They vote to wear their Corps’ badges on their left breast to future meetings. Stephen’s badges could include one or more of the following (source Wikipedia):


220px-VIIIcorpsbadge1 220px-VIIIcorpsbadge2 220px-VIIIcorpsbadge3 220px-XXIIcorpsbadge
220px-XXIIcorpsbadge1 220px-XXIIcorpsbadge2






(author's note: further research may determine which one he used, or if had more than one)

A committee of three, including Stephen, is formed to publicize future meetings in the newspaper and that expense is to be reimbursed by the group. The vote is taken to meet again next Tuesday.

1869 Soldier Society 1




1869 Soldier Society