1869 Stephen’s Lodging Expenses


In 1869, Stephen spends $20.00 on lodging and meals which is third in line of his expenses behind clothing and travel. The Report of the State Superintendent, Volume 17 indicates he stays at a Brockport Normal School Boarding house for men. Fees for lodging at the school location are listed in the report as $3.50 per week which coincides exactly with the amount noted by Stephen in his diary. Family residences that provide rooms for students are fifty cents to a dollar more per week.

The pages below give details of boarding house life which includes a roommate. Of interest to me is that women pay $1.00 more per week than men. Is it because there are fewer women? Are the rooms larger for women to accommodate hoop skirts? It seems silly, but presents another mystery to solve.

Twenty-eight-year-old Stephen most likely lives on campus at the Brockport Normal School boarding house! 

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