1869 Travels by Stephen – From Expenses Incurred

Travels Route

Travel expenses follow clothing in amount of money spent by Stephen in 1869. We know from his diary, Stephen traveled to three cities: Brockport, Rochester, and Niagara Falls. 

He is home in Binghamton, New York until the September school term begins. The trip from Binghamton to Brockport is the longest and most expensive at $11.50. In February, he notes two separate trips, with one being "coming home". It is winter and the middle of a school term, it seems. Was there a family emergency in Binghamton? The total of the two journeys equal about the same as the expense to Brockport which makes me wonder. Hopefully, newspaper articles and a closer look at sibling's and parent's information will provide an answer to the question.

Since he is a participant in at least two societies, the Harmonie, possibly a choral group, and a Civil War veteran's group, he may have traveled for performance and a meeting for those to Rochester and Niagara Falls. I hope to discover that information from newspapers, also.