Stephen’s Generosity Shown in 1869

Stephen is a generous man throughout his life. Newspaper articles publish the results of his good deeds even 12 years after his death as shown in a previous post.

He spends $11.75, approximately one-tenth of his income, on presents for others during the 1869/1870 school year. His diary list:

  • Present to Mip
  • Present for Johnnie
  • Present (unknown)
  • Present for Mrs. Sylla
  • Handkerchief for Present
  • Raised my Subscription on Present for Mrs. S.
  • Subscription for Present for Mr. Brown
  • Raised my Sub. on Mr. Brown Pres.

Mrs. W. C. Sylla is the Preceptress, the headmaster or principal, of the training school where she also taught rhetoric and composition. Quite an achievement for a woman at that time. I am currently reading papers from Brockport to see if any of the other names above coincide with his professors. I suspect "Johnnie" is a friend or family, and wonder who is the recipient of the handkerchief?