Stephen’s Math Teacher Herman Burlingame



Herman Burlingame – Mathematics and Librarian

Herman Burlingame becomes the professor of mathematics at the Normal School in 1868. The school has just begun as a free institution to provide teacher education. Everything and one is new. It is an exciting time for all. 

Mr. Burlingame is also the librarian. He acquires books and sets up the textbook reference reading room for students.  

Stephen may know Herman Burlingame from Binghamton. He is the chair of mathematics in the Susquehanna Seminary in that city for more than three years prior to taking his position in Brockport. The Susquehanna Seminary is a school administered by the Methodist Episcopal Church. Stephen is a lifelong active participant in the same religion.


  • Is it possible they met in church? 
  • Can we find Stephen Wilbur and Herman Burlingame listed as members at the old Hawleyton Methodist Episcopal Church?
  • Is Professor Burlingame the person who influences Stephen to attend the Normal School?
  • Does this answer my question, "How did a rural farmer's son become one of the first teachers to receive an  education at a New York State Normal School?".