Stephen Marries Janet Catherine Kincaid


Jennie Kincaid 1


On July 1, 1870, Stephen marries Janet Catherine Kincaid, familiarly known as "Jennie". The History of a Kincaid Family By James Bernard Newman 
tells us much about her family who immigrated from England. 

 Jennie is a graduate of Brockport Normal School according to Newman's account. Yet, she does not appear on the Brockport Alumni lists for 1868-1871. It is possible these lists are compiled after the fact and Jennie dies in 1873. Or, she just attends and does not graduate.

The marriage takes place in the home of the bride's parents, John and Catherine Kincaid, in Brockport, NY, officiated by Rev. J.N. Simkins.

Stephen is 28 and Jennie is 19 years old.

  Stephen's Marriage