Stephen’s Wife and Baby Son Die – 1873


Jennie and Earl Graves

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Stephen has Jennie as his wife less than 1,000 days, July 1, 1870 to March 20, 1873. During part of her married life, Jennie spends time with her mother. Stephen had a teaching and principal position in Southold, NY during the first years of their marriage, although they did own land and teach in Maine, NY. 

Jennie dies in childbirth and is survived by their son, Earl, only for six days. 

Since she is buried in the Brockport area, did she go home to her mother for the birth of her child? Did she stay on the farm co-owned by her husband and brother in the Binghamton area since the article indicates she was a teacher in Maine previously? 

Jennie Wilbur Cemetery Stone Fairfield in Spencerport NY


Stephen is 32 years old and has lost his first child, a son, and his wife of two years.