1877 Western District Teachers’ Association

In 1877, most of the teachers were either high school level graduates or graduates of the Normal Schools designed to specifically train educators to meet the demand. Although the Normal School movement was coming to an end, and colleges would be the new norm for teacher training, it was a time when continuing education was offered in centralized locals. 

One such took place on February 17, 1877 by the Western  District Teachers' Association. Teachers are invited to send questions for the association prior to that day to these addresses: J.I. Luck, Union, N.Y. and S. D. Wilbur, Binghamton, N.Y.

The programme committee consists of S. D. Wilbur, J.L. Luck, Miss Nettie Clark, T. S. Sperman, and W.D. Kerr. Stephen is the Western District Commissioner at this time. 

The exercises to be conducted are listed below:


Opened by the President, T.S. Sherman

Reading, Miss Frank Seymour

Fractions, Prof. W.A. Tracy

History, Supt. O.B. Bruce


Singing, J.L. Luck

Essay, Miss Louise Carrington

Physiology, Miss H. S. Knapp

Geography, Commissioner S. D. Wilbur

Essay, Fred Robinson

Singing, Miss W. E. Brayton

Writing, Prof. G. B. Curtis


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