1880 Census – Abraham’s Household

The 1880 Binghamton, Broome County, NY census is taken on the 7th & 8th day of June. Stephen's father, listed as Abram Wilbur is 69 years old, his mother Mary, is 60, his occupation of farmer is farming, hers is house keeping. Abraham's birthplace is New York and Mary's is Pennsylvania. Their son Edwin, noted as Edward L., is 34 and farming with his father. Edwin's wife, Ellen E. is 31 and occupied with housekeeping. She was born in Pennsylvania, a Hawley.  Their three daughters, Lavina, 10, Jennie P., 6, and Mary A., 4, also live in the A. Wilbur household. Lavina and Mary were born in New York, however, Jennie is shown as being born in North Carolina. An uncle of hers, Ira Milham had gone at one time to the Carolina's for treatment for tuberculosis (consumption). The census shows that Wesley Cline lives nearby with Abraham's daughter, Sarah, widow of Mr. Milham, now married to James L. Cline,  and is suffering from "consumption".

A relative of Ellen, perhaps a sister, Jennie P. Hawley, age 33 and single, is also in the home.