Abram (Abraham) T. Wilbur Household June 1, 1865 NYS Census


For the 1865 census, Abraham's home is now in the 4th Election District, Town of Binghamton, Broome County, NY. The state census takes place on the first six days of June. 

Stephen is 23 years old, home after serving in the Union Army during the Civil War and attending school. He lost his right forearm just a couple of months earlier and is still recovering. 

His father, now written as Abram T. Wilbur is 54 years old, his mother Mary, is 47, and the occupation of farmer is listed for Abraham.  It is noted he owns the land. Abraham's birthplace shows as Schoharie, and Mary's remains Pennsylvania as in the 1855 census. All children are born in Broome County. 

Stephen's older sister,  Sarah, is now 26, doing housework on the farm. Elizabeth is no longer in the home since she married. His younger brother, Edwin, 19, works on the farm. Abner, 11, is at school. 

According to this census there were five children in the Wilbur family with no reference to living or deceased. 

Abram Wilbur home 1865 census