Army and Truant Officer Careers

At a meeting of the board of education in January, 1918, the secretary reports Stephen has presented his discharge papers from his time as a soldier from 1862 to 1865. He was honorably discharged at 23. At the same meeting, he is awarded $30 per month which is to begin February 1, 1918. 

Chapter 768 of the Laws of 1917:

Retiring Veterans of the Late Civil War and Granting Them Pensions. Every soldier, sailor or marine of the army or navy of the United States in the late civil war honorably discharged from service who shall have been employed for a continuous period of ten years or more in the civil service of the State of New York and the several cities and counties thereof and who shall have reached the age of seventy years upon his own request, or if employed in manual labor upon being incapacitated for performing manual labor, shall be retired from his employment by the state of New York and the several cities and counties thereof, and thereafter and during his life the State department or institution and the several cities and counties which employed him at the time of his retirement shall pay to him in the same manner that the salary or wages of his former position were customarily paid to him an annual sum equal in amount to one-half the salary or wages paid to him in the last year of his employment; provided, however, that the amount so to be paid to such retired veteran shall not exceed the sum of one thousand dollars per annum. 

The Board of Education of Binghamton argued this pension question for awhile. It seems clear that he was due those funds, even though, some stood against it. It appears he persevered and won.

January 31 1918