Lavina Visits Sister, A.J. Barber

Binghamton Press, September 10, 1930

This is a newspaper article with many errors.

In 1930, LOVINA lives with her daughter, Leoria in Connecticut where Leoria's husband, C. Claude works at IBM and they are living. At this time, my father would be 5 months old. 

When Lovina, not Lavina, per her gravestone, visits Binghamton, she stays with her sister Carrie, Mrs. J. C. Barber. A. J., Archie James, is Carrie's son. 

Carrie is the youngest Tripp daughter, 14 years younger than Lovina, and the other daughters are even older. Archie would have to be married to a much older aunt, in order for Lovina to be visiting her sister, Mrs. A. J. Barber. 

Lavina visits mrs a j barber September 10 1930