1900 Census and Notes on Lovina

Not at the Tripp home on June 1, 1875.

Marriage year given as 1875, must have been prior to that date. 

Two years after death of first wife, Stephen marries Lovina. 

Was he teaching or working in Owego?

Was this during his term as commissioner? 

If not, why was he in Owego, and where would they have met?

She was a seamstress in a shop where her father was a watchmaker. 

Did Stephen visit that shop?

 Or Church? 

Census shows her as mother of 2 children, one of whom is living.

Dottie for sure was their child.

Where is Dottie buried?

Is that a nickname?

Leoria and Albert are living in the same home, but not yet married.

They marry in the fall.