Emily, 1898

1898, Age 1

Young men of Binghamton join the army to fight in the Spanish-American War. Although it is a short-lived conflict, Teddy Roosevelt demonstrates his courage at The Battle of San Juan Hill, returns a hero and runs for Governor of New York State.

Walking route to 244 clintonBaby Emily is surrounded by family. She lives with her parents just a mile from her cousin, 17-year-old Leoria Wilbur. Her maternal grandparents, Miranda and Daniel Tripp, live in the Wilbur household, too, just a 20 minute walk away. While her father works at the Noyes comb factory and her mother is busy with household duties and social events, she has plenty of attention nearby.

Imagine the beautiful combs the Wilbur-Barber women use for the elaborate hair styles of the 1890s!