Emily, 1900



Paris Exposition 1900

1900 is the beginning of a new century and the year I met “little Emily Barber”.

L'Exposition de Paris 1900 opens April 14th in France to promote understanding of other cultures while The Second Boer War in Africa, the Boxer Rebellion in China, and the Philippine-American War are active conflicts with Americans fighting overseas.  The United States suffers its own tragedy when the Galveston hurricane kills approximately 8,000 people.

L. Frank Baum, born and educated nearby Binghamton, publishes The Wonderful World of Oz.

91 or 47 Park StreetOn October 24th, Emily stays up late to perform her flower girl duties for cousin Leoria Wilbur’s wedding to Albert Meeker at 47 Park Street (now 91 Park Street). She wears a pink organdy dress made by Aunt Lovina.