Emily, 1904

After almost two years of negotiations the United States Army engineers begin their work on the Panama Canal. Theodore Roosevelt wins the election for President. In New York City, the first underground subway line opens.

Human rights activist Anna Ruling makes a speech to the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee in Berlin presenting the social and legal persecutions experienced by lesbians.

In New York, Emily's Aunt Lovina and Uncle Stephen adopt their deceased daughter's baby, also named Leoria Carolyn. Although Emily is now seven and brother Archie is 3, the sisters Lovina and Carrie both have young children.

Memorial Day, Emily joins others in placing flowers on graves.

The Binghamton Press, June 1, 1904

Donors of Flowers.
List of Those Who Gave Blossoms for Graves of Veterans

    Those who contributed flowers for Memorial Day are:

    J. R. Reale, Lute Dickson, Mrs. Clifford Beman, James Foster, Glen Magher, Alice Hunt, Mrs. Seymour, Gilbert Watson, Horace Haskins, Mrs. C. B. Sears, Mrs. C. Dann, Miss Etta Tobey, Mrs. J. J. Hamlin, Celia Gallaway, Carle Rider, Carrie Keeney, Mrs. L. D. Dunham, Ernest Evans, Daughters of the American Revolution, Mrs. Sarah Hartwell, Mrs. George Moore, Harland Cochran, Cora Hulbert, R. H. Butler, Austin Loomis, Mable Palmatier, Chester Humes, Mrs. M. Wealey, Austin Deyo, Emily Barber, Mrs. C. G. Bernett, Rev. Dr. L. M. Haynes, Timothy Buckley, A. D. Thompson, C. Copeland, Helen Knapp, Roy Wooster, Emily Haskins, C. B. Stevens and Mrs. Alexander.


At the end of June the newspaper reports Emily is sick. The Barber family has moved to West End Avenue.

Binghamton Press, June 22, 1904

Miss Emily Barber of West End Avenue is confined to her home by illness.

However, by July 14th, she is better. Emily, along with the Wilbur's and Tripp's, attends the Watrous Family Reunion held in Ross Park. The newspaper does not identify the people in the photo. At the time, it is baby Leoria, not her mother who died the previous year, sitting on a lap of her adoptive mother, Lovina Wilbur. The following family members, listed below with their ages, are present:

Stephen Wilbur, 63; Lovina Tripp Wilbur, 52; Leoria Meeker Wilbur, 7 months; Daniel Tripp, 81; Miranda Tripp, 75; Joseph Barber, 33; Carrie Tripp Barber, 38; Emily Barber, 7; Archie Barber, 3.

Binghamton Press, July 15th
Yesterday Their Second Annual Family Reunion Was Held.

The second annual reunion of the Watrous family was held in Ross Park yesterday afternoon and descendants of the family were present from all parts of Broome, Delaware and Tioga counties.

    The history of the Watrous family dates back to the year 1777, when John Watrous was born at Sharon, Connecticut. In 1799 he married Rintha Walton of the same place. They had eight children. In 1814 they removed to the town of Windsor, locating 1 ½ miles from Harpursville on the Welten road. Mr. Watrous' principal occupation was that of running logs down the Delaware River. He was the founder of the St. Luke's church at Harpursville.

    At the conclusion of the dinner served at noon, the business meeting of the family was held and the following officers were elected: president, Charles T. Dickson; vice president, Mrs. Samuel Jones, secretary, Albert S. Barnes, treasurer, Smith Watrous of Kirkwood.

    The retiring officers of the family are: John H. Watrous, president; Albert S. Barnes, secretary, Nettie Dickson, treasurer, Martha Jones historian.

    Among those present at the reunion from out of town were: Mar. and Mrs. Van Scoten and Mrs. Charles Ketchum of Montrose, Pa; Mrs. E. M. Watrous, Guilford; Mrs. Harry Tew and Miss Gertrude, Oxford; Mr. and Mrs. White, Mrs. G.A. White, Misses Grace, Emma, Florence and Gilbert White, Windsor; Mrs. Ernest Rosencrans and Herman Rosencrans, Deposit; Rev. and Mrs. J. H. Watrous, Garricksville; Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Gilbert White, Windsor; Captain John Watrous, Blanche and Jane Watrous, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Button, Kirkwood; Mary J. McGregor, Hanford; Kitty Watrous, China, Delaware county; Mr. and Mrs. George Watrous, Oquaga; Mr. and Mrs. Sherman B. Watrous, Mr. and Mrs. Kirkwood, Deposit, Duane, Benjamin, Walter and Frank Croffuti, Windsor; Margaret and Donald Button, Kirkwood; Mrs. Marcus DeWitt, McClure Settlement; Ralph Austin, Deposit; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Prentiss, Windsor.

    Those present from the city were Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Jones, L. D. Olmstead, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Barnes, Helen and Marjorie Barnes, Herman Watrous, Jane Watrous, Blanche Watrous, Miss Lucy Le Couver, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Trippe, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Trippe, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Barber, Emily Barber, Ardine Barber, S. B. Watrous, Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Post, Hazel Post, Clayton Post, Mrs. Lizzie Sherwood, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Dickson, Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Wilbur, Leora Wilbur, Mina Watrous.