Emily, 1907

Following the passage of universal suffrage in Finland the previous year, women candidates in Finland run for office and nineteen are elected to positions within the government.

In September, the RMS Lusitania sets off from Liverpool, England to New York City on its maiden voyage. Another crossing of the Atlantic Ocean of note in 1907 is Marconi’s first commercial transatlantic radio communication from Clifden Ireland to Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. The radio age begins.

Autochrome Lumière, developed in France in 1903, becomes the first commercially available color photography process. Technology marches on under a Progressive President Theodore Roosevelt.

Of the 31 known cases of polio in the United States, two children are diagnosed in Binghamton. Emily’s family is unaffected by the outbreak and they continue to keep an active social calendar.

The Binghamton Press, April 25,
1907City Suburb News
West Side

Robert Scott entertained recently at his home on Colfax avenue in honor of his eighth birthday. Games were played and refreshments were served. Master Scott received several presents. Those present were: Vera and Demo Rogers, Raymond Major, Mildred Hines, Myrtle Hines, Emily Barber, Archie Barber, Robert Scott, Winston Potter, Gerald Potter, Lester Wilson, Harold Davis, Dwight Davis and Faith Glacier.