Emily, 1909


In the United States, the Woman Suffrage Party is founded after more than fifty years of organizing for this moment.


In Binghamton, Emily attends a Christmas program in which her six-year-old cousin, Leoria, and Leoria’s thirteen year old cousin, Pearl Millham, perform recitations.


The Binghamton Press, 1909

At Boulevard Church


    The following program will be rendered tomorrow night at the Boulevard M. E. Church by the Sunday School. The program will be followed by distribution of gifts from two trees by Santa Claus and his assistants. The program to be followed is: “Bethlehem Star”: chorus. “The Glory of the Star,” school; prayer; responsive reading; chorus.
Christmas Light”; recitation, “Good Morning,” Mildred Kipp; exercise, Miss Crisfield’s class; recitation, Reva Schiffhauer; chorus, “Midnight Song of Praise”; recitation, Leoria Wilbur; exercise, “Starry Flags,” Howard Taylor’s class; duet, Lulu Travis and Inez White; recitation, Sarah Alderson; recitation, “The runaways,” Kenward Mills; chorus, “The Star of Hope”; recitation, Arthur Fenton; exercise, “Father Time’s Bell,” primary department; recitation, Lottie Vincent; recitation, Marguerite Mills; chorus, “Keep Christmas With You”; recitation, Pearl Millham; chorus, “Hail Messiah’s Birth”; recitation, “No Room at the Inn,” Matie Kerr; recitation, Court Lytton; chorus, “Beaming Bright from Realms Afar”; recitation, Clara White; chorus, “Blessed is He that Cometh”; exercise, “Good Night,” primary department.