Emily, 1911

In 1911, airplanes are commercially produced making the first combat aerial bombing of Libya during the Italo-Turkish War a reality.

The world celebrates International Women’s Day, a respectful observance of working women. It is the same year, that the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City claims the lives of 146 workers. The doors on the 8th, 9th and 10th floors are locked forcing women to jump in an attempt to save themselves from the furnace burning inside.

The Binghamton Street Railway, in addition to electric trolleys, makes county travel available to all. A popular destination is the Ross Park Zoo.

Emily attends a Valentine Party, again given by her Sunday school class. Her new teacher is Miss Bertha M. Hunt.

The Binghamton Press
February 1911

    The Sunday school class of the “Golden Links” were entertained at a valentine party at the home of their teacher, Miss Bertha M. Hunt last evening. The house was prettily decorated with cupids, hearts and arrows, the color scheme being red and white. The evening was pleasantly passed with games and other diversions after which refreshments were served. Miss Helen Bradley assisted with the serving and those present were Ruth Austin, Anna Humiston, Margaret Nier, Irena Andrews, Mabel Nearing, Anna Nier, OlivePorter, Ethel Jeffries, Louisa Koppler, Emily Barber, Beatrice Porter and Iona Agan.