Emily, 1916

Emily turns nineteen this year. The world is embroiled in warfare. The British are trounced by the Ottoman Empire at Gallipoli. The United States sends troops to Mexico and the Dominican Republic, but has not yet joined the fight in Europe. This is in full swing, even Paris is bombed by the Germans using a zeppelin for that purpose for the first time.

Women do not have the vote in the United States; however, Emma Goldman and Margaret Sanger are fighting for birth control by giving lectures and opening the first birth control clinic in America. In the midst of all the turmoil, Emily is lives the normal life of a teenager. She enters the movie contest sponsored by the local newspaper.

The Binghamton Press, 1916


Ticket Winners in the Press Contest Are Announced

The following names constitute the correct answer to the moving pictures contest announced in The Binghamton Press Saturday evening:

  1. Charles Chaplin. Essenay.
  2. H.M. Anderson Essenay.
  3. Hazel Dawn, Famous Players.
  4. Maclyn Arbuckle, Pallas Pictures.
  5. Marguerite Cortourt. Gaumont Universal.
  6. Harry Watson, George Kleine Film.
  7. Rosetta Brice, Lubin.
  8. Thomas Santschi, Selig.
  9. Grace Darmond. Selig.
  10. Sheldon Lewis, Pathe.
  11. Pauline Frederick, Famous Players.
  12. Delia Connor. George Kleine Film
  13. Irene Fenwick, George Kleine Film.
  14. Anna Hanlen, George Kleine Film.
  15. Edna Mayo, Essenay.
  16. Ethel Clayton, Lubin.
  17. Marguerite Clark, Famous Players.
  18. June Daye, Lubin.
  19. Henry Walthall, Essenay.
  20. Kathlyn Williams, Selig.
  21. Billie Reeves, Lubin.
  22. Helen Holmes, Signal Films.
  23. Bryant Washburne, Essenay.
  24. Ruth Roland, Pathe-Balboa.
  25. Anna Little, Pathe.

Only two of the contestants were able to make out a correct list of all the names. The winners follow:

Marjorie Truman, 76 Hawley street; Georgianna K. Mack, 54 Walnut street; Emily Barber, 31 Mozart street; Robert Lee Bagg, 27 Lincoln avenue; Kenneth White, 201 Oak street; Estelle Vernier, 56 Thorpe street; Helen Joyner, 19 Winding Way; Margaret Hastings, 36 Robinson street.

Helen Sullivan, 23 Davis street; Helen Crowe, 124 Prospect avenue; Gertrude Sullivan, 29 Stuyvesant street; marula I. Guiendon, Security Mutual Life; J. L. Platner, 12 Burton avenue; Elizabeth 12 Burton avenue; Elizabeth Maher, 53 North street; Ralph Phillips, Warren stret; George Sampson, 72 Oak street; Richard Smith, 18 Pearne street.

Elizabeth May Hammond, 183 Hawley street; Ralph Ruger, 624 Chenango street; Ruth Snyder, 20 Avenue C, Johnson City; Mrs. Leroy Wright, 73 Leroy street; Marjorie Riley, 78 Leroy street; Lillian Camen, 17 Frederick street; Mrs. Carl Randall, 107 Griswold street.

Tickets can be obtained by the winners at the business office of The Press as announced.

Charles Chaplin, 27, stars for the first time in Essanay’s 1915 His New Job, filmed in Chicago. Over the course of the year, he stars in fourteen films for this studio, mostly in Niles, California, including his well-known performance, The Tramp.

Gilbert M. Anderson noted as “H.M. Anderson” below, 35 works with Essenay Studios in Niles that year, too. He would become known as “Bronco Billy” for a series of Westerns.

Hazel Dawn, 24, works with Famous Players on a number of films, including: Niobe, Gambier’s Advocate, The Heart of Jennifer, The Fatal Card and The Masqueraders.

Maclyn (Macklyn) Arbuckle, 49, a cousin of the more famous Fatty Arbuckle, has three films this year with Pallas Players: It’s No Laughing Matter, Hi Judd and The Reform Candidate.

Marguerite Cortout, the same age as Emily, stars in the Gaumont Pictures production of The Dead Alive. She retires within a few years after marrying Raymond McKee, an actor. McKee is also a veteran and both are buried in Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside, CA.

Harry Watson, 39, is a well-known comedian of Broadway and vaudeville. This year he stars in the first of a series of shorts for George Kleine Film, The Mishaps of Musty Suffer.

Rosetta Brice, 28, makes movies for the Lubin Company, which Emily sees in 1916: The Sporting Duchess and The Phantom Happiness.

Thomas Santechi, 35, is known for his character roles in Selig movies The Spoilers and The Crisis as well as a 1915 film In the King’s Way which is found almost one hundred years later at a Maine garage sale.

Grace Darmond, 22, also a player for Selig, has several films screening from 1915: A Black Sheep, The Leaving of Lawrence,The House of a Thousand Candles, A Texas Steer, The Millionaire Baby, and The Quarry (Short). Most interesting is her part as Equal Suffrage Apparition in Your Girl and Mine: A Woman Suffrage Play.

Sheldon Lewis, 59, is seen in three movies: An Affair of Three Nations, The Menace of the Mute and The House of Fear.

Pauline Frederick, 32, of Famous Players stars in four films which are today lost:
The Eternal City, Sold, Zaza, Bella Donna and Lydia Gilmore.

Della Connor, George Kleine Film player, has several movies for the 1915-1916 seasons: The Danger Signal, The Sentimental Lady, The Green Cloak, The Woman Next Door, Who’s Who in Society, The Commuters, Stop Thief!, and Officer 666.

Irene Fenwick, 28, is also a George Kleine Film player. She stars in The Commuters, The Spendthrift, The Woman Next Door, The Green Cloak and The Sentimental Lady. Della and Irene work on several movies together!

Alma Hanlon, 25, stars in the George Kleine Film, The Fixer.

Edna Mayo, 20, is shown in the The Fixer, too.

Ethel Clayton, 33, does many shorts and full length movies for Lubin:

  • The Attorney for the Defense (*short)
  • The Furnace Man (*short)
  • His Soul Mate (*short)
  • It All Depends (*short)
  • The Millinery Man (*short)
  • A Woman Went Forth (*short)
  • Margie Puts One Over (*short)
  • Here Comes the Bride (*short)
  • The Blessed Miracle (*short)
  • Monkey Business (*short)
  • The Unmarried Husband (*short)
  • Capturing the Cook (*short)
  • Just Look at Jake (*short)
  • The College Widow (*5-6 reels) – Lost
  • In the Dark (*short)
  • The Sporting Duchess (*short)
  • The Darkness Before Dawn (*short)
  • Money! Money! Money! (*short)
  • When the Light Came In (*short)
  • The Earl’s Adventure (*short)
  • A Day of Havoc (*short)
  • The Deception (*short)
  • It Was to Be (*short)
  • The Mirror (*short)
  • In Spite of Him (*short)
  • The Orgy (*short)
  • The Great Divide (*5 reels)


Marguerite Clark, 22, Famous Players movies including the following from 1915which are lost: Jean, The Goose Girl, Gretna Green, The Pretty Sister of Jose, The Seven Sisters, Helene of the North, Still Waters, The Prince & the Pauper.

June Daye headlines the Lubin drama “Her Wayward Sister”.

Henry Walthall, 37, is known for The Birth of Nation, Griffith’s epic for Essenay. Other movies he plays in that year are 1915    The Birth of a Nation, Beulah, The Raven, Ghosts, and The Woman Hater.    

Billie Reeves, 51, an English actor cashing in on Charlie Chaplin’s success does a series of shorts for Lubin this year:

Millionaire Billie, Billie – a Tramp, Mr. Housekeeper, Billie Henpeck, A Wise Waiter, Billie – a Waiter, Love One Another, Mr. Wilkens, Dare Devil Bill, Billy Dawson, Some Boxer, Hamlet Made Over, Jonah Frost – the Tragedian, Billie’s Revenge, Billie Boyd, A Temporary Husband, Dr. Robert Graham, Billie’s Lucky Bill, The Election Bet, Cured, Insomnia, A Skate for a Bride, Billie’s Headache, A Ready-Made Maid, No Smoking, An Unwilling Burglar, Bashful Billie, And the Parrot Said…?, Blaming the Duck or Ducking the Blame, His Wife’s New Lid, His Three Brides, The Cellar Spy, His Body Guard, Playing Horse, Think of the Money, The Cello Champion, Captain Kidd and Ditto, Queenie of the Nile, The Life, Billie’s Debut, When Wifie Sleeps, Wifie’s Ma Comes Back, The New Valet, A Day on the Force, Just Like Kids, A Safe Investment, Nearly a Prize Fighter, Out for a Stroll, The Club Man, The Substitute and Counting Out the Count.

Helen Holmes, 23, and her husband, J. P. McGowan form Signal Films following the success of Helen’s suffragette series, The Hazards of Helen  in the previous two years.

Bryant Washburne, 26, becomes a well-known comedic actor, starring in Graustark and The Slim Princess for Essenay.

Florence Reed, 32, stars in several films, notably At Bay for Pathe.

Richard Travers, 30, is an Essenay with The Ambition of the Baron, The Romance of an American Duchess, and The White Sister this year.

Ruth Roland, 22, has a new movie with Pathe-Balboa, The Sultana.

Anna Little, 24, works with Pathe as the star of The Black Box.

So many moves, although some are shorts, are available.

Movie theaters are relatively new and there is a legal debate over the showing of films on Sunday. Vaudevillian venues are required by law to be closed that day, but the Supreme Court of New York is the decision maker on the question of whether the two performances are equal under the law. In Binghamton, The Star is applying for a license to show movies, along with stage shows, and plans to be open on Sunday for movies. The mayor is denying the license unless it remains dark that day. The Chenango Street theater complies with the mayor’s ruling until a decision is made by the state court.

Emily does not go to the movies on Sunday which is right in line with her religious family’s values.