Emily, 1918

While the world is at war, countries and factions fighting for power, the Spanish flu hits the United States for the first time in Kansas. The virus becomes pandemic, aided by the movement of troops during World War I, and ultimately takes the lives of more people than the war itself.

Time zones are established in the US and Daylight Savings Time is observed for the first time on March 31st.

Technology marches on, too. The Hewitt-Sperry Automatic Airplane becomes the first pilotless drone. On manned flights, the US Postal Service begins airmail between New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D. C.

World War I comes to an end following a year of assignations, redrawing of borders, and transfer of powers. Armistice is signed by Germany and the Allies on November 11, 1918. Woodrow Wilson travels by ship to the Paris Peace Conference to participate in the settlement of terms where he catches, and recovers from, the Spanish flu.

Emily’s parents celebrate their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Emily is now married to Harland E. Bigelow. Her parents, Joseph and Carrie are living with them at 31 Rotary Avenue.

The Binghamton Press
July 29, 1918

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barber of Rotary avenue were surprised Friday by the members of the Good Will Club, the occasion being their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Singing and piano selections were given by Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Bigelow and Mrs. Stephen Wilbur. A silver meat fork was presented Mr. and Mrs. Barber.