Emily, 1919

Although the good news is the war is over, sadly Theodore Roosevelt passes away in January of 1919.

The Treaty of Versailles, also signed this month, brings World War I to an official end.

In the United States women still do not have the right to vote. However, suffrage is available to women in Germany and Luxembourg this year. Nancy Astor, an American born Viscountess takes her seat in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom, the first woman to do so.

Late in the year Emma Goldman, who fights for rights for women, among other issues, is deported to Russia for her speeches and writings advocating anarchy.

The WCTU is finally victorious when the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution passes signaling the start of Prohibition.

Hemlines are up. The boys are home from war. Optimism is high after the preceding dark years.

Emily works at Hills, McLean & Haskins department store. Her mom, Carrie, stays at their shared home with baby Donald. In addition to other social outings, Emily is one of three soloists for the Hills, McLean & Haskins Choral Club. Her aunt, Lovina is an accomplished organist. Her cousin, Leoria, 15, is performing on piano and playing organ for churches. Emily’s instrument is her beautiful voice.

Leoria and Emily share in an outing to Ross Park. The newspaper spells the former’s name incorrectly as “Leora” and Emily’s son Donald as “Ronald”.

The Binghamton Press
April 23, 1919

Friends of Mrs. Mary Robinson of 19 Judson street, surprised her at her home Monday. It being her eighty-fifth birthday anniversary. A course luncheon was served. A birthday cake was the table centerpiece. The party included: Mesdames Joseph Barber, Walter Dewey, George Major, William Hallstead, Fred Germond, Frank North, Adelbert Andrews, William Blaisdell, Jordon Bronk, Harry Stowell, Anne Bells, Nettle Ward, Harland Bigelow, The Misses Ruth Bronk and Charlotte Germond and Masters Rodney Major and Donald Bigelow.

The Binghamton Press
July 19, 1919

    The Good Will Circle held an outing at Ross Park recently in honor of the birthday of two of the members, Mrs. Adelbert Andrews and Mrs. Walter E. Dewey. A picnic luncheon was served at noon, after which music and various outdoor sports were enjoyed. Those present were: Mrs. Harry Stowell, Mrs. Walter Dewey, Mrs. Gordon Bronk, Mrs. Josiah C. Barber, Mrs. Harlan Bigelow, Mrs. Frederick Germond, mrs. William Hallstead, Mrs. Nettie Ward, Mrs. George Major, Mrs. Edgar Spencer, mrs. William Blaisdell, Mrs. Adelbert Andrews, Miss Ruth Bronk, Miss Charlotte Germond, Miss Alma Spencer, Masters Rodman Major, Ronald (Donald) Bigelow and Ralph Spencer. Guest of the club were Mrs. F. Thompson, Miss Leora (Leoria) Wilbur and Mrs. Shapley of East Wooster, Mrs. J. B. Morgan and Mrs. Hattie Morgan of Conklin Center, Mrs. George Springsteen and Mis Alberta Springsteen of Susquehanna, Pa.


The Binghamton Press
December 19, 1919

Hill’s Choral Club Will Give Concert

    The Choral Club of Hills, McLean & Haskins, under the leadership of Dr. F. Ellis Bond, will give a concert in the chapel of the North Presbyterian Church, Tuesday night at 8 o’clock under the auspices of the Women’s Federation of the church.

    The personnel of the Choral club is as follows: Director, Dr. Bond; accompanist, Mrs. George Ulmith; soloists, Dr. Bond, Mrs. Emily Bigelow, George W. Smith; Miss Ada Leonard, Miss L. Barrett, Mrs. John A. Waring, Miss Inez Firman, Mrs. Erma Roberts, Mrs. Alice Dickinson, Miss Margaret E. Miller, Miss T. Dorothy Foote, Mrs. Burt Parmalee, Mrs. Bessie Wescott, Miss P. Ruoff, Mrs. Emily Bigelow, Miss E. Smith, Mrs. Helen T. Burnett, Miss Lucile Moxley, Miss M. Bahn, Miss Lillian Bahn, Miss K. Gerowe, Mrs. Belle Mason, Miss Evelyn Barner, Mrs. Hilton M. LeCouver, Paul Grady, Lyle Parke, John A. Waring, Floyd O. Dickinson, Peter T. Anderson, Edgar R. Hartman, Webb B. Hamlin, J. E. Creoling, George W. Smith, Walter E. Roberts, Gould H. Wilson, Harry Weeks, and F. E. Burlington.