Archie James Barber

Archie James joins the Barber family when big sister Emily is three, first cousin once removed to Leoria Carolyn Wilbur (2nd), my grandmother.

A Binghamton newspaper photo of 1905 likely includes Emily and him. Fortunately for us, a reporter lives in the neighborhood since published photographs of children’s activities are rare at that time. Shown are the Berlin Street party goers late in August.  One squinting little boy, with a jazzy black bow, appears to be Archie’s age.  Imagine preparing a wiggling child for this outing in all these clothes while keeping him still long enough to tie that scarf.

Emily barber august 22 1905

Archie James Barber – Age 5
Although the writer of the article declares the sixth birthday of Charles Maricle was “pleasantly observed”, they don't look happy.  He states “luncheon was served late in the afternoon” after activities starting at 2 o’clock.  Following a couple of hours of exuberant play, one can imagine the children are hot, hungry, and tired since they skip an afternoon nap.
Leoria Wilbur is 1 1/2 at the time and too young to be part of the group.
Tripp sisters relationship chart

Archie and Grandma Relationship Chart

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