Chauncey Claude Barber

CChauncey, C. Claude, known as Claude, is the bad boy of the family. I hesitate to tell such a narrative about my grandfather, but not long ago  I came across new information. It answers several questions.  
Claude Barber attended the Boulevard Methodist Episcopal Church as did my grandmother, Leoria Wilbur. He was an upstanding member as a young man. I do not remember Claude and know him only from stories. It is surprising that a group commendation on one of the stained glass windows includes his name. I didn't realize he was a member there. This church, established by S. D. Wilbur, with his wife, Lovina as the first organist/pianist, and his daughter (adopted granddaughter), Leoria, as the first Youth Choir pianist at 6, has no windows dedicated to them. Not even a founders' window includes their names according to the 1954 History of Boulevard Methodist Church by William S. Crandall.  It is a fact I still do not accept and won't until I see it myself. 
Claude married my grandmother, Leoria Wilbur, in 1923. They had seven children, six of whom survived childhood. He began as a technician for IBM before their marriage and continued with the company his entire career. By the 1940s he was an executive with all the wonderful privileges available to IBM'ers including the famed country club. He held office in Eastern Star and the Men's Gardening Club. 
In the 1940s, or sooner if you pay attention to family hearsay, he left my grandmother with three teenagers at home.
On April 2, 1943, Claude obtained a divorce in Broome County, New York. In June, Alice Thomas went to Palm Beach, Florida, just like a scene out of the popular 1942 movie, The Palm Beach Story. (Hmm.)  I imagine she traveled by train because plane trips would have been expensive and rare for the ordinary person. Her  Florida divorce is finalized June 15th. One month later, on July 15th, they marry in Pennsylvania and avoid a scandal in the local newspaper.
Claude became the bad boy of the family forever. 

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  1. My gg grandparents, the Wilburs, g grandparents, Wilbur-Meekers, and Wilbur-Barbers were professionally and socially active in Binghamton and New York state. They made the newspapers at least once a week in the social, religious, and professional columns. This one was put together from a marriage certificate found on Ancestry.


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