Daniel S. Barber Where Are You?

My third great grandfather is lost.


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I found Daniel, five generations back in our Barber family, but it ends there. That "S" is the key to solving our Barber ancestry. Either it is incorrect, transcribed wrongly from his words by the census taker, written illegibly, or just plain incorrect on his son Daniel Joseph's marriage certificate. The map shows in pink where he likely lived. It is interesting his wife, Sarah Frost, was from Oneida County. Daniel and Sarah lived in Afton, Chenango County and across the border in Pennsylvania. This mystery is extremely frustrating. Documented instances for Daniel:

1860 Census Auburn, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania

  • Birthplace, New York; occupation farmer
  • no "S"
  • Alice born in Broome County
  • Daniel Joseph born in Schoharie county
  • The four younger children born in Pennsylvania
  • A newspaper article shows a Daniel and Sarah from that area that lost their land for non-payment of the mortgage.

July 1, 1863 Civil War Draft Registration

  • no "S"
  • Occupation shoemaker
  • Born in New York.

1865 Census, Colesville Township, Broome County, New York

  • Birthplace, Delaware County, New York
  • no “S”
  • Occupation shoemaker
  • Children names match 1860 census

1912 Marriage of son Daniel Joseph to Clara Lovett

  • Daniel S noted as born Connecticut
  • Mother Sarah Frost in New York
  • Since almost one hundred years have elapsed since his birth, possibly Daniel Joseph remembers his father’s family as being from Connecticut.

1920 Marriage of son William Henry

  • Daniel S. and Sarah Frost listed simply as born in “USA”.

1890 Civil War Veteran Schedule, Colesville Township, Broome County, New York

  • Daniel S is the veteran with a claim by Widow Sarah Barber.


  • The census names do not match the names they use later in life.
  • Martha, stays Martha and she marries Hial Kentfield.
  • Mary is listed as Polly on both 1860s census. She marries a Wakeman.
  • Alice is sometimes known as “Ellie”. She marries Eli Johnston. Side note, their land was the site on which the Mormon founder Joseph Smith was married. Did they live in that house? (newspaper article from 1940s mentions this.)
  • Sarah, listed as Sarah E. in the census, is known as “Eva Hovey” in her sister Martha’s obituary. Sarah/Eva married George Hovey.



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