Ichabod Meeker – Every Family Needs an Ichabod

IThe Meekers are much in the background when we talk of ancestors in our family. The Barbers, the Wilburs and the Tripps are more familiar names. Mr. Albert Landis Meeker did allow his baby to be taken by the Wilburs. It wasn’t until the recent discovery in an old newspaper that we found out his wasn’t hit by a train. That fabled accident did not happen in New York City. He actually worked for the school system, the same as S. D. Wilbur who adopted his daughter. My grandmother never talked about him. I thought he disappeared, and so did my mom, although she was rather sure it was the romantic Big Apple. In 1946, he was struck by a car while crossing the street in Binghamton to get to the movies. A compound leg fracture, along with other unspecified internal injuries, causes his demise a few days later. I believe I know more about him than his child, which is disturbing. I mean she went to school, he worked at the schools. She lived in Binghamton, so did he.

Lucky for me, he had an uncle named Ichabod, a shoemaker in Smithtown, Suffolk County, New York. Born around 1800, that makes Ichabod is my 5th great-uncle.