Lela Wilbur

LLela Wilbur  is born in 1887 to Stephen Wilbur’s younger brother, Edwin. She is the youngest of his four daughters; two older sisters die during her childhood.

Edwin farms with his father, Abraham, until the elder man passes away. It appears the land is sold and the family moves to Binghamton where Lela graduates from high school in 1905.  Her mother is one of the original 1892 members of the Floral Avenue Presbyterian Church along with Stephen and Lovina Wilbur. Cousin Leoria, Stephen’s daughter, is five years older than Lela, they attend Sunday School together.

Lela receives her diploma from Cortland Normal School, teaches in Binghamton, marries a progressive farm entrepreneur, Ward B. Castle, has four children and lives to the age of 91.

She knew Stephen and Lovina Wilbur, Leoria Carolyn, and Miranda and Daniel Tripp, all my greats. I wish I had known her. It was possible.

My 1st cousin 3x removed.