Mary Finch Wilbur

MAlpheus Finch and his wife Sarah Tripp have sixteen children, the youngest being Mary born in 1817. Her grandfather, Nathaniel served as vice 2nd Lieutenant in the 7th Regiment, Fredricksburg Precinct, Dutchess County, New York under Colonel Henry Ludington. For those interested, this is our link for the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution or Daughters of the American Revolution.

Sarah dies in 1823 when Mary is only five years old leaving her siblings to raise her. The Finch family farms land first in Pennsylvania and later in the southern tier of New York State. It is here she meets Abraham T. Wilbur in 1835. Her first daughter, Elizabeth, is born less than two years after her marriage. Abram, as he is commonly known, farms a large plot bordering Pennsylvania near Binghamton, New York.

Sarah, Stephen, Edwin and Abner join the family by 1854. For most of her life, her children are nearby. Stephen, her only son to serve during the war, returns home briefly while attending college at Brockport.  Sarah and her family live with the Wilburs following the Civil War years.

Mary is buried next to her husband in a quiet country cemetery outside the Hawleyton Methodist Church.

3rd great-grandmother, mother of Stephen D. Wilbur