Rosie (Lady) Bennie Meeker

RRosie is born in Leamington, Warwickshire, England between 1596 and 1598 to Cobie Bennie. There is a record of her marriage to Albert Nicholas Meeker in 1622 which is after the birth of her sons William, Thomas, and the same year that Robert Meeker is born. Possibly the marriage is recorded after the fact?

There are no more children listed for the couple. Her husband dies March 1, 1624. She follows him in death in 1625, both in Cornwall, England which suggests they may have been to Holland and back or preparing to go. It was an era of religious persecution which eventually led to the immigration of our first ancestors.

Since both parents are gone, the sons are orphans at an early age. Her son, William Goodman boards the Abigail between 1630-1635 for America. He disembarks at the Massachusetts Bay colony becoming our first Meeker relative in the United States.

11th great-grandmother

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