Samuel Wilbore

SIt’s probable, but not confirmed, we are directly related to Samuel Wilbore, a founding settler of Rhode Island. There is a tricky bit where Abraham T. Wilbur’s father is concerned. The marriage dates and Abraham’s birth don’t align properly.

Samuel is born in 1595 in Sible Hedingham, Essex, England. In 1620 he marries Ann Smith and together they have five children: Samuel, Arthur, William, Joseph, and Shadrach. The family of five, Arthur and William died in infancy, leave England for America and settle in Boston. The story is he was a wealthy merchant in England, and continued to prosper in America. He purportedly purchases Boston Commons and gives it to the city.

Trouble begins. Since they align with Anne Hutchinson, they are removed from Boston, and start a new colony in Rhode Island. He is signatory on the Portsmouth Compact, sixth on the list.

Perhaps Boston of 1639 is more comfortable than the new town he is founding because he soon changes his mind regarding his religious alignments. At that he is allowed to return to Boston.

8th great-grandfather if Abraham’s dad checks out and Ann Bradford Smith is the correct mother/wife