Willelmus Wyldebore

WAs I research and write about Willelmus, “Rumor Has It” is playing repeatedly in my thoughts. During this blog challenge, mistakes in trees popped up, more than I anticipated. Add to the list of insights for the month: speak cautiously until you find the truth. Proceed carefully when you tell this story.

Following the Battle of Hastings in 1066, the Germanic tribes of Old Saxony are replaced by the Normans for three centuries as evidenced by the prevalence of the French language. However, the German surnames persevere with Wyldebore spelling revised through time.

The family name is set down first in 1242 as William Wyldebar own estates in Lancashire. Willelmus is born in West Riding, Yorkshire, England about 1379 to Sir John Wyldebore and Sarah Need. The story says the Wyldebore, Wilbore, Wilebore, Wilbure, Wilbur  family are Lords of the Manor there in the 1300s.  His son John Wilbore carries on the male lineage until my hero Stephen Decatur Wilbur is born in 1841.

Rumor has it Willelmus Wyldebore is buried in Marholm, Northamptonshire, England.

13th great-grandfather

willelmus wyldebore