A to Z Reflections Post

survivor-atoz [2017] v1 (1)

I finished … late… which is my m/o in much of life if I don’t do a half-baked job, and even then sometimes I’m not on time. The lesson is to quit over scheduling things to do. Plus, April is our busiest month of the year with the yard sale, Easter Travel, two sets of guests, taxes and a string of family birthdays within 10 days. If I had written the posts ahead of time, I would have been on time. But, then, where’s the challenge? I stopped worrying about the style, the grammar, and posting on time about halfway through the challenge. (Did anyone else get even more anxious because the next day’s letter was posted in the morning?)

The A to Z Challenge was an exercise in two’s.  Prowriting Aid and WordPress are added to my tools. That’s a saving of $150 per year plus I find WordPress so much easier than Typepad. We’ll just add that monthly fee to the family United Kingdom Tour Fund.

I began at A with two blogs, one genealogy themed and one trying to tell a story while I prepped for the Woodstreet’s Annual Yard Sale. Yup, too much. I dropped the latter and moved to WordPress where I did not take the time to figure out how to add a second blog.

This left me with a series of family history stories likely of little interest to anyone except relatives. If you are a blogger, you know getting them onboard with a daily read of your writing generally results in failure. Although I share to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, I imagine only shady characters as interested parties. If they think the information contained will lead to anything, disappointment will follow. Practice is my goal, not readership.

Two blogs are added to my daily reading, Jen Seriously and Getting to the End, one for the travel and old house, and the latter for the England setting. I am doing research on ancestors from England and dream myself of being there. Darn those tubs that carried the first settlers to the New World way back in the day.

I researched. I learned. I wrote. As a bonus, I have two new writer’s in my Inbox.