Zelma, Zelema, Zulema, Lulema Ruggles

Zelma shows up in history with several name spellings. Daniel with his much younger second wife, Zelia Colgrove Ruggles, are parents to Joseph Ruggles, my 1st cousin 3x removed. Joseph marries Zelma after the death of his mother in the final years of his father’s life, which makes her the wife of a cousin, not a blood relative. Since my writing for this A to Z challenge is mostly men, I’ll include her here. We will end with a woman, a double use of the alphabet.  You noticed her mother-in-law is Zelia!

Spelling on documents used for ancestry research presents a challenge. The name itself is just the beginning because the facts surrounding it on a document can determine who is who.

Wife of 1st cousin 3x removed.