C. Claude Barber, The Masonic Temple

Masonic Temple Binghamton
2017 Google Maps

January 5 1951 Masonic Brotherhood
My mother expresses her displeasure of Freemasons with a squint and a glance that tells me this is a vile group. Several of my father’s relatives, including his parents, were members in Binghamton.  Is her morsel of in-law judgment permissible to a woman of formidable scruples? Burton Barber and his siblings are startling attractive with luminous blue eyes. We are all resentful at times of beautiful people and criticizing their secret society is a dispassionate choice.

My childhood fantasy of the aforesaid group is a gaggle of robe-clad humans waddling to a pyre in the center of a Gothic chamber where a virgin awaits sacrifice. Why else would it be such a furtive association?

WNBF published pictures of the interior of this abandoned Binghamton, NY landmark. This imaginative child was spared earlier confirmation of her fears. (scroll down and then through the link for pictures.)

I take comfort that Lee H. Moffatt is the ringleader. My grandfather is simply in charge of the refreshment following the deed.