C. Claude Barber, Junior Order United American Mechanics


Endicott History and Heritage Center Carroll Rotary Card Press
Endicott History and Heritage Center

December 1925 Junior Order of MechanicsMy mother seems more enlightened than I ever imagined; her strong dislike for fraternal societies is understood. The Junior Order United American Mechanics is another organization her father-in-law belonged to with sketchy history.  This organization began as an “anti” group of men excluding Catholics, minorities, and women. Although it evolved into a general fraternal society, at the time Claude joined, in December 1925, it was still offering memberships only to Protestants.


At the end of 1925, twenty-three-year-old Claude becomes the vice counselor of the newly formed Endicott Council, 153, of the Junior Order United American Mechanics.  He works for IBM, as a field service mechanic, either on the new self-regulating time system or the Carroll Rotary Card Press shown above to produce punch card blanks at high speed.

Leora and he have one daughter, Jean. Chauncy Claude, Jr. will be born in two weeks.  The young man with a growing family works for an international company with an unexpected future awaiting both the employer and employee. Clearly, Mr. Barber is a leader.