C. Claude and Leoria, Reunion Party 1924

thomas jefferson school 1916
1916 New Thomas Jefferson School, Binghamton Press

A date for my grandmother’s graduation from high school is a mystery. Her father, the Truant Officer, died in 1920. Possibly she quit after that, without the educator in the household. He was a stern taskmaster. Since she is listed in the Binghamton Central High School yearbook,  it is likely she finished through 8th grade at the Thomas Jefferson School on Helen Street.

Old helen street school

There are mentions of her at the Helen Street school which is replaced in 1916 by the Thomas Jefferson School, also on Helen Street. The dilapidated former school required half day sessions to accommodate the nearby school-age population who endured leaks and cold.

Leoria’s father, S. D. Wilbur, is familiar with the new school, too. He retires from his school board position January 31, 1918, just over a year after it’s opening.

1924 Claude and Grandma Thomas Jefferson School


Did Claude or Leoria or both graduate in 1919 from the Thomas Jefferson School? At the time of the 1924 party given by Miss Lillian Thomson of Minerva Avenue,  they are expecting their first child in a few months. Claude and Leoria are 22 and 20 years old, respectively.