Claude Barber, 1919 High School Regents Exam

July 2 1919 Claude English Test
Claude and Harriet Barber

In 1919, both Claude and his sister Harriet pass the first year English Regents exam. Harriet is a year and a half younger than Claude, but it seems they are both in high school. No mention is made of Leoria Wilbur in the newspaper article even though Harriet and she are the same age. Harriet graduates from Binghamton Central High in 1921. Claude is not pictured with the senior class nor listed among them.

If Claude is in high school in 1919, the 1924 reunion of the Thomas Jefferson School Class of 1919 is a group of Leoria’s classmates. The question mount. What grade level is that middle school class when she is 15? Is it through 8th or 9th grade? Did both Claude and she quit school? When? Did he take longer than his younger sister to complete high school?