Claude Barber, 1928, Bridgeport, CT

1227 Iranistan Blvd Bridegport

The year 1928 finds the C. Claude Barber family living in Bridgeport, Connecticut where he works for IBM. His wife is listed as “Leona C.”, a common misspelling of her name.

The home built in 1910 is most likely rented since it contains two units. I have not researched the history of the house. Of course, in 1928 it was only 18 years old and looked almost new.

Lovina Wilbur, the widow of Stephen D, is living with them in the three bedroom house.Betty Jean is three, Chauncey is 2, and Fred is a year old. She is either pregnant or has a young baby this year. Her mother (grandmother) even at 76 is a welcome addition to assist with such young children.