Archie Barber, Motoring 1926


Scarborough’s Offical Tour Book New York State Automobile Association, 1917

The Binghamton Press, August 10, 1926, provides enough material for a short story about few of the ancestors. It is summertime and people are vacationing and the Personal and Social Notes of Timely Interest is reporting their whereabouts.


Archie Barber, 56 Rotary avenue, and Herman Zingerine of Highland avenue have returned from a motor trip to the Thousand Islands, Canada, and the New England states. 

Archie, 24,  lists himself as a machinist in the 1925 census. The abbreviated census of that year does not tell us whom he worked for at the time. Did he take an extended vacation? Did he quit? A Herman Zingerine reveals nothing about him even with a possible misspelling of the last name corrected to read “Zingerline”.

Two other questions which I expect we could come pretty close to answering after some research:

  • “avenue” is not capitalized. Is that standard for the times?
  • Secondly, how long did that impressive tour take in a car in 1926?

The map above is a fold out from the 1917 Scarborough’s Offical Tour Book New York State Automobile Association and shows a route from Binghamton to Niagara Falls. A century passed since its publication which gives us a snapshot of what travel was like when Archie, Herman, Claude and Leoria embarked on their trips nine years later. Archie’s tour with his friend is ambitious since they also traveled to the east to tour the New England states.

Below is an example of how the authors routed the automobile adventurers of that era going from Rochester to Niagara Falls.




At some point in history, a pencil is handed to entertain a child along the way.








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