Claude Barber, German III Regents Exam

Binghamton Press, January 27, 1921

Boy Scouts January 27 1921 no family mention school out of interest


School is out we know from this article on the page with Regents Exam results from the high school. Among other things, the Boy Scouts of Susquenango Council are to sell tickets for the starving children of Europe. This is interesting to me because two years after the end of World War I, childhood hunger is still a problem. Herbert Hoover founded the American Relief Administration (ARA) and accepted donations from many organizations across the United States. I found a large gift from the Elks in San Fransisco, a Drive from the medial and dental students of an Ivy League college, all in 1921, in addition to this benefit. You can find more information on the Hoover Fund, 1919-1923 here.

On the opposite side of the page is our family news.

In a Page 5 column, continued from Page 3, Claude Barber joins 12 others students from Binghamton Central High School that pass the German III Regents exam.

  • Gardiner Bump. (Pauline Montague Geranis Meeker would marry a William Bump after my biological grandfather, Albert Landis Meeker died. Is he related to William? A son perhaps?)
  • Burton Carpenter (Was our father named after him? This is an unusual spelling for “Bert”.
  • Martin Kunkel
  • Truman Lacey
  • Bernard Lanrowitz
  • David Levene
  • Lincoln Lewis
  • Clifford Rockwell
  • Kenneth Simonds
  • Leon Sullivan
  • Albert Talada (Valada?)
  • Harold Walker

Claude is a good student. Not only does he pass the NYS Regents exams, he makes it through the third level of German language studies.