Claude Barber, Laurel Avenue School, Honor Roll

 The Binghamton Press, Monday Evening, February 16, 1914

Schools Claude and Leoria
May 2017 Google Maps – Annotated to reflect 1914 locations

This may be the oldest article I found on Claude, then 11 years old, living with his family at 23 Division Street. The Superintendent of Schools, D. J. Kelly recognizes honor rolls for junior and senior high school students and the high honor accomplishments of the elementary pupils. Claude is the only one in his section at the Laurel Avenue school.

The Helen Street School is closer to his house although we know it was so overcrowded by 1916, children are split into morning and afternoon sessions and Claude is a student there.   However, in 1914 Claude walks past the Helen Street school to Laurel Avenue.

Why did Claude attend Laurel Avenue?

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Other Laurel Avenue high honors recognition are given to the following:


  • Asa Bonnell
  • Amley Cox
  • Hilson Cox
  • Richar May
  • Mathias Obennauer
  • Hilda Ferner
  • Theresa Gallagher
  • Bessie Hamilton
  • Ruth King
  • Winifred Rogers


  • Donald Hinkler
  • Katherine Bennett
  • Louise Crossley
  • Elizabeth Flannigan
  • Irene Welsh
  • Aileen Wilbur


  • Matthew Deickelman
  • Edward Mable
  • Richard Schneider
  • Edith Cafferty
  • Ruth Parce
  • Margaret Whitaker
  • Clara Wilson


  • Lawrence Abrams
  • Gilbert Giles
  • Albert Willey
  • Harriet Clawson
  • Genevieve Kenerick
  • James Landon
  • Marion Leonard
  • Gladys Scottebo
  • Phoebe Seward


  • Charlotte Blakeney
  • Helen Shafer
  • Hazel Vandeburg
  • Helen G. Silvernail


  • John Bromfield
  • Robert Mould
  • Raymond Quinn
  • Beatrice Anthony
  • Marion Welsh


  • Hiram Wiser


  • Esther Cleveland
  • Anna McHarg


  • Claude Barber


  • Ruth Lull


  • James O’Brien
  • Thomas Page
  • Helen Blackwell
  • Marion Brandt
  • Roena Freeman
  • Grace Fields
  • Mabel Gorton
  • Elizabeth Mc Harg
  • Frances Neal
  • Eva Woughter


  • Earle Scott
  • Annna Tracey


  • Stanley Dibble


  • Jessie Rogers


  • Carrington Macey
  • Pearson Tolley
  • Hazel Burt
  • Jennie Harrington


  • Dorothy Rogers
  • Esther Taft

In addition to the high honors students above, there are 257 Honor pupils.

At the other schools mentioned on the page, we find the following names of interest:

  • Lottie Meeker at the Washington Street (possibly a nickname for Charlotte)
  • Harry Barber at South Junior High
  • Aileen Wilbur at Laurel Avenue
  • Edith Cafferty at Laurel Avenue

There is no known connection to any of these four, but it may be found!

The newspaper also notes a significant number of typhoid fever, scarlet fever, measles, diphtheria, pneumonia, and tuberculosis across the city,  all of which are life threatening and of concern to parents.