(Mrs.) Claude Barber Visit to Mrs. William Castle, 1925

The Binghamton Press, Tuesday Evening, July 7, 1925

A confusing paragraph from this date states:

“Abner Wilbur, of Albion, Neb., and Mrs. Fred Wilbur and Claude Barber, of Endicott, visited their niece, Mrs. William Castle, Monday.”

Abner Wilbur is Stephen D. Wilbur’s younger brother who left Binghamton and moved to Nebraska and is now visiting his hometown.

Mrs. Fred Wilbur is a mystery. Claude Wilbur, not Barber, is the only child found for Abner.

Although it is likely Fred Wilbur and Abner are related, I cannot make a connection.

Does the author mean “Mrs. Claude Barber”? This is more plausible than Claude himself as part of the party to visit Mrs. William Castle. Abner knows Leoria well since she is adopted by his brother Stephen at birth and he keeps in touch with the family. Stephen Wilbur died in 1920 meaning by this time, Abner would have no immediate family living.Her mother was his niece, and

Leoria’s mother was Abner’s niece making Leoria is his great-niece.

Leoria and Claude Barber are living in Binghamton in 1925.

Lela Wilbur, daughter of Edwin Wilbur, Abner’s brother, marries Ward B. Castle in 1916. They have a son William in 1919, but in 1925 he would not have a wife.

Also, who is this Mrs. William Castle? And, how is she a niece to Abner, Claude or Leoria?

Meanwhile, in Binghamton, this ad appstickley-brandt 1925ears:
Unusual recruiting indeed for a woman who has a car in 1925.

Ninety years later the newspaper gives a history of the Gustav Stickley legacy that states the Stickley-Brandt Company folded in 1919.

If you are a fan of Stickley, this is an interesting article about the furniture company. It was made in Binghamton, where I was born, and Syracuse, where I attended grad school. I never much liked oak and knew nothing of Stickley’s quality and importance until after I left the area.