Claude Barber, Garden Club, 1954

The Binghamton Press, Wednesday, May 19, 1954

Open-minded! I think I am. I try to be. I want to be.

However, a 1954 mention of Claude Barber was overlooked because of the date. I never opened it until today. It tells us about his plans. It is not an another obituary as I anticipated. In addition, the information I previously did not know about Binghamton, NY, surprises me.

At the May 18th, 1954 Broome County Men’s Garden Club meeting, the group votes to join the Roberson Memorial . The mansion opens to the public that year following the desire of Alonzo Roberson to found an “educational center…for the use and benefit of all people”. Today it is known as Roberson Museum and Science Center, greatly expanded from the home over the past sixty years, as a result of sponsorships from corporations, individuals, and local garden clubs such as the Broome County association. The Men’s Garden Clubs of America continue to be a charitable organization promoting education and science for the gardening enthusiasts.

Claude, along with Frank West are chosen as delegates to the national convention in Denver, CO June 8-11 following a group picnic at Dr. Clement G. Bowers’ home in Maine, NY on June 5th. He passes away just three weeks following the trip which I assume he took. Questions: Did he actually go? Did he fly or take a train? Could he have developed a blood clot during a long trip that then triggered a heart attack?

Others mentioned:

  • Frank West
  • Donald Hotchkin
  • Ford Norton
  • John L’Hommedieu
  • Clement G. Bowers
  • Rupert Syles
  • Dr. Albert Standfast