Leoria Wilbur, BCHS Freshman, 1920


leoria freshman 1920 guess
Binghamton Central High School, Freshman Girls, 1920


Leoria Wilbur may or may not be in the picture above. I circled one of the young ladies I think may be her. The photo was taken just months before her father (adoptive grandfather) passes away. She later tells stories of his strict nature and as a long time truant officer for the Binghamton schools, no doubt she attended school regularly with illness being the only excuse for absence.

During the 1919-1920 school year, Leoria starts at 15 years old, and turns 16 in December. She is no longer in grammar/middle school. She is a high school freshman. The age at which she starts first grade is no known, but it seems she may have gone at seven, explaining her age for 9th grade accompanied by the late in the year birthday.

We know she quit school after one more year. The former truant officer is no longer in the home to support the family and encourage his daughter (adoptive granddaughter to finish. Leoria is an accomplished organist and now she plays weddings to help make ends meet. Her society mother, Lovina, takes in sewing, making her living in her sixties as she did when a young girl. There are no maids and gardeners to help with daily house work. Of course, Leoria quit school in 1921.