Claude Barber, Life Club, 1921

1921 Life Club Claude Barber
1921 BCHS Life Club
Claude Barber 1922 Graduate Central High
Claude Barber Senior Picture

Claude is not found on any class list for 1921; however, we know he graduates in 1922 makes him a junior in the photo above. Of course, since there is no key, we are just assuming he is in the photo since he is present as an active member in the Life Club list. See if you can locate him using his senior picture (right) as a reference.

The club began experimenting with topics of discussions that would appeal to young men this year. One of these is “What makes a man a success?” Also, a guest speaker, Mr. D. F. McClelland gives a presentation on India which follows up with donations from the young men to help send a relief worker to India. Civil unrest organized by Ghandi against British rule included a boycott of the Prince of Wales’ visit. As the transition begins to self-rule, suffering increases among the poor a plight Mr. McClelland is familiar with after spending three years among the citizens of that country.

In addition to their charitable work, the members of the Life Club hold the Annual Life Club Ladies’ Night at the high school.

Question: Did Leoria Wilbur accompany Claude Barber to that dance?


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